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Glossary terms about Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis
Calculation of the abundances of the elements present in a sample.

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Accuracy, Precision and Detection Limits
In EDS analysis, sources of error may be related to the sample, the microscope, the EDS detector and the data reduction software. Errors related to the sample include The sample is not homogeneous – only one phase should be intersected in the interaction volume Figure: How a non-homogeneous sample can affect quantitative analysis
Background information - What is energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy?
No special sample preparation, other than that required to image the sample in the SEM or TEM, is required for qualitative analysis, but for quantitative analysis in the SEM the sample must be bulk, flat and polished. 
EDS spectral resolution
For both qualitative and quantitative analysis good spectral resolution (narrow peak) is needed to be able to identify and quantify the elements present in the sample. 
Quantitative EDS X-ray microanalysis using SEM
In so called Standardless quantitative analysis, or semi-quantitative analysis, the spectra are compared with data collected from standards in the factory of the manufacturer of the EDS system and stored with the system software. 
X-ray detection by EDS
A longer process time is needed for quantitative analysis where spectral resolution is important, whereas if maximizing the number of X-rays in a spectrum or map is most important a shorter process time can be used, e.