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Glossary terms about Continuum

The energy distribution of the Bremsstrahlung X-rays, which decreases with increasing energy.

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Background information - What is energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy?
Two types of X-rays result from these interactions: Bremsstrahlung X-rays, which means ‘braking radiation’ and are also referred to as continuum or background X-rays, and Characteristic X-rays. 
Bremsstrahlung X-ray generation
Note: Bremsstrahlung X-rays are also referred to as continuum or background X-rays. 
Characteristic X-rays
Although the Characteristic X-rays have discrete energies, in measuring them the signal is averaged and the lines become peaks which are superimposed on the continuum
Qualitative EDS X-ray microanalysis using SEM and TEM
Consider unidentified minor peaks in the spectrum: are they Characteristic peaks of elements present in minor/trace amounts (only the most intense peak of the family may be visible above the continuum), or are they spectral artifacts? Consider the possibility of overlapping peaks, particularly at low energies (below ~2. 
Quantitative EDS X-ray microanalysis using SEM
There are two steps involved: firstly, the Bremsstrahlung (background or continuum) X-ray counts have to be subtracted from the spectrum, and secondly the Characteristic X-ray peaks have to be processed to derive the concentration of the element concerned. 
X-ray detection by EDS