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Glossary terms about Resolution

The minimum distance separating two points such that these points can be seen as separate objects. Sufficient specimen contrast is also required to separate the two points.

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Collecting Z stacks
For example, if the theoretical resolution limit in the lateral (x,y) plane is 0. 
Confocal microscope
The following activities are available: Image acquisition (single scan) Objective lens - magnification versus resolution  
Confocal microscopy
3D rendering software can then give us a range of different views of our sample. The lateral (XY) resolution is usually the same as in conventional microscopy. 
Effects on resolution
Fluorescence microscopy
Detection system There are many camera systems available that can be tailored to the needs of the instrument, whether it may be for rapid acquisition or high-resolution
There are two different ways of calculating resolution, according to whether the specimen is illuminated externally (Abbe calculation) or is effectively self luminous as in  
Light microscopy
Abbe showed that when we view an object with transmitted light diffraction at the sample, not just the objective, limits our resolution
Objective lens - magnification versus resolution
Fluorescence microscopy  
Pinhole - effects of resolution
Pixel arrays - dimensions versus pixel size
Reference material in this activity  
Practical image acquisition
Scan speed - pixel dwelling, saturation
Photomultiplier tubes  
Scanning and resolution
However, as a general guide, quick scanning is commonly done on 512 x 512 (or smaller) pixel arrays while slower but higher resolution imaging uses at least 1024 x 1024 pixels.