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Glossary terms about Magnification

The process of enlarging or the degree by which the dimensions in an image are (or appear to be) enlarged with respect to the corresponding dimensions in the object.

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Collecting Z stacks
Below is a table that shows you the optical section thickness for various objectives and Airy units (AU). magnification Numerical Aperture OST (μm) 1AU OST (μm) 2AU OST (μm) 4AU 10x 0. 
Components of the confocal microscope
Confocal microscope
The following activities are available: Image acquisition (single scan) Objective lens - magnification versus resolution  
Fluorescence microscopy
The most important quality of a lens is not its magnification, essential though that is, but its numerical aperture. 
Objective lens - magnification versus resolution
Scanning and resolution
As was mentioned in the Introduction it is the Numerical Aperture (NA) that is most important in resolution not the magnification