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Glossary terms about Objective

The first part of the imaging system. It forms the primary image of the object.

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Collecting Z stacks
The thickness of an optical section is predominantly determined by the numerical aperture of the objective and the diameter of the confocal pinhole (and, to a lesser extent, the wavelength of the light. 
Components of the confocal microscope
Confocal microscope
The following activities are available: Image acquisition (single scan)  
Confocal microscopy
The laser beam is focussed by the objective to a diffraction-limited spot – an Airy disk – on the specimen. 
Fluorescence microscopy
objective lens In addition to imaging fluorescent entities in the specimen by their emitted fluorescence, the objective lens in epi-illumination is also responsible for the transmission of light to the sample. 
With an ideal lens, diffraction limits the resolution to about half the wavelength of light, and our best objectives come within 95% of this. 
Light microscopy
The objective forms a real, magnified and inverted image because the sample is further from the lens than its focus. 
Objective lens - magnification versus resolution
Practical image acquisition
Comparisons like this also allow a very objective means to evaluate labelling protocols when titrating antibodies. 
Scanning and resolution
In a confocal microscope the laser light is usually focussed by the objective lens to a diffraction limited spot on the specimen. 
Sequential and simultaneous