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Glossary terms about Topography

The shape or relief of a surface.

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Generating an image
The major influence on SE signal-generation is the shape (topography) of the specimen surface. 
Perfecting an image - signal processing
The strength of the signal at each point is a reflection of the electrons generated from the topography or composition. 
Sample preparation
For qualitative BSE imaging powders can also be dusted onto or pressed onto a conductive adhesive tab; but topography can interfere with electron collection, providing inaccurate information so for the most reliable data from compositional BSE imaging (or for microanalysis), smooth surfaces are needed. 
Saturating the filament
Troubleshooting: edge effect, charging, sample damage
They are caused by the effects of topography on the generation of secondary electrons and are what gives form and outline to the images produced by the Secondary Electron detector.