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Glossary terms about Micron

One thousandth of a millimetre. A micron is also referred to as a micrometer. - also a millionth of a metre (10-6m)

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Background information - What is scanning electron microscopy?
A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a tool for seeing otherwise invisible worlds of microspace (1 micron = 10-6m) and nanospace (1 nanometer = 10-9m). 
Electromagnetic lenses, apertures and beam size
During an alignment procedure to produce a good image, the aperture needs to be checked that it is centred around the beam axis. 
Images from electrons
Practical uses for the SEM
Risk assessment example: transport and analysis of a SEM sample
Risk assessment example: using a SEM
Risk assessments
What the SEM can't do
The resolution of the SEM is not high enough to image individual atoms (use a transmission electron microscope). Elemental analysis below micron scale.