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Glossary terms about Current

Measured flow of electrons between the STM tip and the sample.

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AFM calibration methods
AFM imaging of surfaces
AFM papers
AFM probe modification
Cantilever tuning - only for tapping and non-contact modes
Composite control (PID)
Contact and tapping modes
Contact mode
Derivative control
Floating control
Force distance spectroscopy
How is the Data Displayed?
This data can range from tunneling current, to force between sample and tip, to height to reach a certain force etc. 
Image artefacts
For the smallest diameter probes, silicon is currently the material of choice. 
Image Scanning and feedback parameter optimisation - scan rate
Integral control
If this vacuum barrier is approximately a few atomic diameters thick, electrons are able to tunnel through it, and a current will flow. 
Measuring forces in the tip-sample space
Non-contact mode
Proportional control (P)
Review articles
Scanner artefacts
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
When a bias is applied between the tip and sample, electrons will tunnel from the one to the other and this current can be used to measure the topography of the sample. 
Set-point - contact mode
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Virtual SPM - Nanotubes