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Glossary terms about Filament

In electron microscopy this refers to the source of electrons for the electron gun: a tungsten wire, a sharpened tungsten crystal, or a lanthanum hexaboride crystal (LaB6).

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Electron gun
This is an electron gun with the Wehnelt cylinder removed to show the filament within. 
Frequently asked questions
Step-by-step procedures for using TEMs  
Imaging mode setup
Machine operating procedures
There is automatic filament heating, and automatic exposure micrograph photography. 
The Eucentric Position
Using the JEM-1010 Transmission Electron Microscope for physical science material
Inserting the sample Ensure filament and the HT are turned OFF. 
Using the JEM-1010 Transmission Electron Microscope for thin resin sections of biological material
Pull the specimen holder straight out until it won’t go any further, then gently turn it anticlockwise until it stops Very gently pull the specimen holder out and rest it on the stand.