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Glossary terms about Diffraction Pattern

Diffraction Pattern
Diffractogram of a substance – can be used as a fingerprint to identify it. (Never call a diffraction pattern a spectrum)

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Analysis of data
Qualitative powder diffraction involves the identification of a phase or phases in a specimen by comparison with single-phase X-ray powder diffraction patterns compiled in a database called the Powder Diffraction File (PDF-2). 
Applications of XRD
For example, once an active drug has been isolated, an indexed X-ray powder diffraction pattern is required to analyse the crystal structure, secure a patent and protect the company’s investment. 
The most common way to use this data to determine the properties of the specimen is to compare its peak pattern with a large set of standard data. 
Powder diffractograms
X-ray intensity is recorded as a function of the scanning angle 2θ and plotted as a diffractogram, also known as diffraction pattern