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Glossary terms about X-Ray Tube

X-Ray Tube
Most common type of X-Ray source – consists in an evacuated tube, a cathode, an anode and beryllium windows. Electrons are accelerated onto the anode material with voltages up to 50 kilovolts. Through interaction with the anode material they lose their kinetic energy, some of which is emitted as X-Rays. The X-Rays are let out via the beryllium windows.

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Interesting facts
Mayor Joh Hall Edwards pioneered X-Ray photography for medical purposes. 
The X-ray intensity rapidly decreases with the distance from the X-ray tube. 
Typically the source is an X-Ray tube. 
Using the machine
The source power is controlled by two parameters, these being the voltage of the X-ray tube in kilovolts, and the current in milliamperes. 
Electrons are used as the particles in x-ray tubes along with two metal electrodes.